What If It Is Time for a Change?

Are you listening to yourself? Have you been hearing your inner voice nudge you on toward something new but you have resisted due to lack of confidence or simply fear of the unknown? Maybe there is an improvement to your business that you know needs to occur, but you have been “too busy” to implement the change. You know in your heart of hearts that it is never going to be the perfect right time to make that change, and that you will never miraculously find time to begin a new business process.

In my new book, “What If It’s Time for a Change?” I outline some simple strategies to help you initiate the changes you feel called to bring forth. Here are a couple of the ideas from my book:

1. Be sure you have some accountability. Very little gets done in our world without accountability. Often the changes we want to make do not occur because we lack the external structure to ensure we take action. Think about it – from the time you were born, you have someone else holding you accountable for the changes you needed to make. Your parents ensured that you learned to dress and feed yourself. Teachers ensured that you learned the basics in education, your boss or manager ensures that you learn and produce what you need to do on your job. In many ways you have been conditioned to be a slacker without someone watching you! So as you look to bring on a change in your business or your life, get an accountability buddy – someone who will hold your feet to the fire and support you in getting things done. Coaches are great at this, but even a good friend with similar commitments and motivation can do the trick.

2. Believe in yourself. Another reason people often do not begin the change process is due to a lack of confidence or fear of failure. Who cares if you fail!? In fact, if you are not failing at least some portion of your adult life, you are not playing a big enough game or taking on big enough challenges. My first attempt to go out as a full-time speaker and teacher failed. So what! I learned a ton, I grew, and most of all I enjoyed the ride. You will too if you can look beyond your fear of failure to see that the process of being actively engaged in what matters to you is one of the keys to happiness – and that is what I call success!

3. Establish a plan. While many people succeed by flying by the seat of their pants, your overall chances of successfully implementing a change process will greatly increase with at least some idea of how the change will unfold. Do you have the resources you need? Is there more you need to learn? Do you have the right support in the right places to begin? Whether it is a change of diet and exercise, or a change in your career, you will need to put some thought into the process. Not only thought – but research has shown time and again that those who write down their plans succeed at a far greater rate than those who merely hold a notion in their heads. Have you ever noticed that thoughts disappear at an alarming rate!? Written plans don’t have to be so detailed that you get lost in the planning process, but at least write down an overview of what you intend to create.

These steps are all addressed (and then some!) in my book, What If It’s Time for a Change (add link) as well as in my Life Design course (add link). I encourage you to get the support you need to accomplish that which your heart desires. There is nothing more important in your life than continuing to follow your dreams. The world needs you to be lit up, happily engaged in that which matters to you. If not now, when? It is indeed time for a change.

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