A Place Where You Belong

Written by on July 17, 2018

I’ve got something I want to tell you but before I do, I’d like you to know that:

– it’s ok if you don’t want it
– I don’t mind if you give it to one of your friends instead,
– I won’t mind if they won’t like it either.

And now to the point.

As we know, most meetings we have to attend are dreadful and not best use of anyone’s time but I wonder if you ever been to a meeting that you just didn’t want to leave?

Have you ever experienced a meeting or training course where you felt energized long after it finished?

Have you ever been to a gathering where you felt like you really belong?

Have you ever experienced this kind of meeting where the energy was just amazing and you were pumped up long after the meeting finished?

Well, every now and then, we come across those experiences where everything seems flowing, where everything seems like it is happening at the right time, and we feel like we are in the right place, surrounded by our kind of people and we want to stay there forever.

Even if you have never had an experience like this – I’d love to invite you to one like this.

I would love for you to come, meet people full of energy, like yourself, people full of enthusiasm, people full of this magical vibe that resonates in us long after we part.

For the first time, I am organizing a retreat, a summit, 3-days of workshops with the intention to gather people who think the same, who have the same drive and passion for life and I can’t wait to make this happen.

This is my personal invitation to you to come and join me and others so we can have amazing conversations, so we can talk about ideas and plan the future, plan better lives for all of us.

This retreat is in preparation, no one knows about it yet, but I thought that I can’t let anyone know about it before I tell it to my most loyal followers, people like yourself, who’ve been with me the longest, who supported me from the beginning, who provided me with strength and inspiration over the last years.

Let’s call it an early “Early Bird.”

As a token of my appreciation I’d like to invite you to this event I will be hosting September 28th – 30th; together with the inimitable Howard Falco to will be held in the stunning Sedona, Arizona.

It’s not a free event, but as a form of gratitude for your support I want to offer to anyone from this list HALF PRICE discount.

Unlike others, who at this stage would implement some marketing and scarcity strategies, I will not limit the amount of spaces available at this discounted price. In fact, I’d love for this event to be filled with my friends and people I am already connected with.

Not only that …

You can bring your friends with you, even if they are not on this mailing list. Friends of my friends are my friends too. I am happy to extend this 50% discount to any one you wish to invite and bring with you.

Not only that – this discount does not expire.

If you can’t make your mind up right now, if you need time to decide, if you need to check your calendar and reschedule things – no rush. As long as spaces will be available you can purchase your tickets even on the last day of sale.

What else?

Well, let me tell you what we are going to talk about and learn together during those three days. And let me tell you what you will be taking back home with you after the event.

We all long for a deeper experience of life, to feel more alive and fulfilled, to achieve greater success, to live our lives to the fullest potential. The nagging question remains, “Yes, but HOW?”

Well, that’s what this event is all about, about discovering the power that is within you already and unleashing your full potential to live a meaningful and inspired life and to inspire others to do the same.

I know that you already have great potential and I would love for you to re-discover it, to feel its amazing energy and to put it in to work for a better future of your family, your kinds and people around you.

What else?

Ah! There is entertainment too, don’t let me forget about that.

Apart from the fact that Sedona is beautiful in September – we are going to be in the beautiful Sedona Creative Life Center, located in a calm and serene setting of hills, trees and spectacular Arizona’s red rock views – my good friend and colleague Aaron Yeagle will prepare some spectacular and delicious dishes for a lunch and dinner … if you choose to join me and Howard.


… as usual on such events and workshops – I have tons of goodies and books and materials that you will be going home with but…

… but it’s not only about material goods and things you can read or take home.

Someone told me that legacy is not what you leave for people, legacy is what you leave in people.

I want all of us to spend magnificent three days together and for each one of us to take home unforgeable moments and memories we can then cherish and share and relive.

Would you consider coming and making this event a start to something beautiful?

If you want to see more details please have a look at this page that my team put together. And would let me know what you think either way?

Whenever you decide to book your tickets – please remember to use code friend28 that will give you 50% off any price quoted there. You get to use your discount code at checkout, after you click “Register Now.”

I am looking forward to hearing from you and to seeing you in Sedona in September.